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COVID-19 Updates

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For your safety and ours:

In preparation for your tattoo appointment at Oddball, please review the following state-mandated policies:

Please wait outside the shop, do not immediately enter. When you arrive at the building, call (503) 231-1344. We will let you know when we are ready for you to enter the shop.

If you wait on the porch, be sure to maintain appropriate social distancing (six feet of distance) from any other clients.

Come to your appointment alone. We have a strict maximum occupancy and cannot accommodate friends/family/children/guests in the space.

Wear a clean, well-fitting mask that covers your nose and mouth. Do not remove the mask while you are in the shop, and please avoid adjusting or touching the outside of the mask. We cannot allow you to enter the shop without a mask. If you do not have one, we will offer you a disposable mask for a small fee.

Sanitize your hands immediately upon entry at the sanitization station just inside the front door. We may also ask to measure your temperature using a touchless infrared thermometer.

Maintain a minimum six-foot distance between yourself and any other person (with the exception of your tattoo artist during the time of the actual procedure) for the entire time you are in the shop.

Please discuss your payment options with your tattoo artist prior to arriving for your appointment.